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The history of CONTA-CLIP from 1978 until today

For over 40 years CONTA-CLIP has been developing and supplying reliable and innovative components from the fields of electrical and electronic connection technology as well as cable management systems.

Founded in 1978 and in family hands from the very beginning: The CONTA-CLIP group has been an owner-managed, globally active medium-sized company ever since. For 4 decades now, users have placed their trust in our extensive market and industry expertise, which has grown over many years. For four decades, our employees have trusted in our performance-based partnership, appreciate the freedom to act independently and the esteem we hold for them.

In the years of our company's existence we have developed from a manufacturer to an innovator. We consistently use our foundation of knowledge, experience and personal passion to create individual, successful solutions for our customers. CONTA-CLIP is characterized by healthy growth, not least by its financial strength with consistent reinvestment in the group of companies, stable management and dimensional accuracy. Our down-to-earth attitude - a typical East Westphalian characteristic - has taken us far to this day and will continue to determine our entrepreneurial actions in the future.

2018 - 2016

Cable management and company anniversary 2016 - 2018:

In 2016, the company's own product portfolio was expanded to include the product area cable management. With the product KDSClick, CONTA-CLIP presents a product series that is characterized by reduced assembly times, fast configuration via inlays and tightness to IP 66.
In order to actively support the integration of refugees coming to Germany from Middle East crisis regions, CONTA-CLIP helps refugees to qualify for dual training at CONTA-CLIP within the framework of the IHK program "Entry Qualification plus Language". The company also offers various internships for refugees.
In 2016, CONTA-CLIP achieved a training quota of 10% and is thus far above the national average. The company enables young people to find a professional future in six different training occupations. As in previous years, the company invested in new tool and machine technologies in 2016 with a view to the future.
CONTA-CLIP celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2018. In the course of it's history, the company has developed from a regional to a globally positioned firm with a product range of 17,000 articles, most of which are produced at the parent house in Hövelhof and used worldwide. In 2018 CONTA-CLIP employed over 300 people and had more than 40 representatives and distributors all over the world. At the same time, the group had four subsidiaries.

2015 - 2009

Global economic crisis and expansion of the product portfolio 2009 - 2015:

The year 2009 was marked by the global economic crisis. CONTA-CLIP survived the depression of the global economy without having to lay off staff. The company did not suffer any loss of market share either. The new logistics centre at the Hövelhof site was inaugurated in 2009.
In 2010, the company introduced the revised SRK series of screw terminal blocks. The company also invested in the future viability of the company through the acquisition of further modern production facilities and the design of ergonomic workplaces.
In 2011, CONTA-CLIP invested in the sustainability of our green planet. A photovoltaic system was installed on the hall roofs at the Hövelhof location with a system output of 228,735 kWh. Most of the electricity produced can be used by the company itself.
With the introduction of the ERP system SAP in 2013, CONTA-CLIP began to map the entire supply chain via a uniform system.

2008 - 2002

Further expansion of the company 2002 - 2008:

To expand the production and storage areas at the Hövelhof site, the company acquired a 15,000 m² building site in 2002.
In 2004, CONTA-CLIP presented the first series of modular terminal blocks with the quick-connection technology FRK (pressure spring connection system) at the Hanover Fair. In the same year, the company also continues its own expansion by expanding its Eastern European sales network.
Bianca Klaß, the daughter of CONTA-CLIP founder Hans-Peter Klaß, joins the strategic management of the company in 2005.
To ensure the future viability of the company, CONTA-CLIP invested in further buildings and state-of-the-art production technologies at the Hövelhof location in 2005. Through the investments, the company showed loyalty to Germany as main production location.

2001 - 1995

Internationalization of the company 1995 - 2001:

CONTA-CLIP continues the course of expansion begun in previous years. In order to meet the increasing demand for CONTA-CLIP products, the CONTA-CLIP assembly company is founded in 1995, enabling the company to realize the required production capacities.
Thirteen years after the start of sales in North America, CONTA-CLIP founded its own subsidiary in North America (CONTA-CLIP Inc.) in 1999 in order to increase its presence on the North American market and to control marketing and sales activities in a targeted manner.
Another subsidiary is founded in France in 2000 (CONTA-CLIP S.A.R.L).
In 2001, CONTA-CLIP employed 250 people and offered a portfolio of 7,500 articles all over the world. The company is supported by 40 agencies in Germany and abroad as well as 4 subsidiaries.

1994 - 1986

Step into the world 1986 - 1994:

From 1986 CONTA-CLIP intensifies its own internationalization with the start of sales of CONTA-CLIP products in North America.
After the successful establishment of CONTA-CLIP products in the North American market, sales were expanded to Southeast Asia and other European countries in 1990. Subsidiaries are founded in Italy (CONTA-CLIP S.r.l.) and the Netherlands (CONTA-CLIP Nederland B.V.).
In 1990, CONTA-CLIP also began manufacturing its own electronic components.

1985 - 1978

Die Anfänge 1978 - 1985:

Die CONTA-CLIP Verbindungstechnik GmbH wird im Jahre 1978 durch Hans-Peter Klaß gegründet. Im selben Jahr konstruiert und fertigt das Unternehmen mit dem Typ RK 2,5-4die erste eigene Reihenklemme. Das Reihenklemmenportfolio wird in den darauffolgenden Jahren um weitere Reihenklemmentypen erweitert und um Zubehörteile ergänzt.

Im Jahr 1978 werden erstmals Produkte ins Ausland exportiert.

Das Jahr 1985 nutzt CONTA-CLIP dazu, die Weichen für die Zukunft zu stellen. Das Unternehmen bezieht die neu errichtete Unternehmenszentrale in Hövelhof am Standort Otto-Hahn-Straße 7.