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Stud terminals HSKG now UL listed

The new stud terminals from the series HSKG are now UL listed. They were examined and certified according to their requirements. Thus the conformity to the valid US-American standards is confirmed. to UL listing Read on...



HSK/HSKG High-power stud terminals

Full product range, that fulfils world-wide standards Read on...



New fuse-disconnect terminals SSIK 4

The SSIK fused terminals feature an extraction lever that locks into its end positionand allows a spare fuse to be attached from the side. The following microfuses can be attached:SSIK 4 (5x20/5x25/5x30) and SSIK 6 (6.3x25/6.3x32) Two cross-connection channels within the fused terminals... Read on...



No-screw end stop SES 35

The screwless SES 35 has the same shape as the SRK/SSL and RK/SL screw terminals when used with wire cross-sections up to 10 mm². Larger terminalscan also be securely fastened to the DIN rail between two SES 35s.You can snap on a group marker to the end stop as well. The SES 35 attaches to a... Read on...



World of CONTA-CLIP November 2012

New! The World of CONTA-CLIP 2012Here we present you news on CONTA-CONNECT, CONTA-ELECTRONICS and CONTA-CON! Read on...

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