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A perfect fit in many industries

We design and manufacture products for a wide range of applications – for use in virtually all industrial sectors that need or create power to run facilities and machinery. CONTA-CLIP provides the best solution for many different requirements: whether it's the conventional task of connecting cables together, or the monitoring and controlling of signals and processes. Our products are distinguished by their high quality, functionality and versatility. That's why users from practically all main industries around the globe take advantage of our solutions.


Energy technology

The energy sector is one of the key industries in Germany. Quality consciousness therefore has a special tradition here. CONTA-CLIP's products are renowned for their reliability and precision. Our connection systems not only ensure smooth function in power generation, but also meet the highest demands placed upon them in the areas of transmission and distribution systems. Our customers include the whole energy industry sector: from coal and gas powered electricity power stations, to renewable energy sources like hydroelectric, wind, photovoltaic, biomass and biogas. The broad product line from CONTA-CLIP offers the right solution for every challenge.  



Process engineering

Process engineering places special demands in the areas of electrical connections, transmission, and conditioning for power, signals and data: we provide solutions. Products are needed with exceptional flexibility, sturdy construction and high long-term stability. Our diverse product lines and tailor-made solutions for individual customer requirements have established CONTA-CLIP as a reliable partner to the process engineering branch.


Supply technology

The demands placed on supply technology have increased massively over the years. In addition to heating, lighting and power supply, supply technology also includes air conditioning, messaging and security systems, elevators, materials handling and storage systems. Buildings themselves should adapt quickly and flexibly to meet the different users' needs. This increases comfort and lowers the operating costs. CONTA-CLIP's electrical connection systems for installation engineering and building automation components allow a perfect combination of the individual technical components and offer fast data transmission.

Production technology

Regulation and control required of running production processes present special requirements in terms of the connection systems used. The components must function reliably under changing and often extreme conditions. This is particularly relevant for power supplies, signal converter units as well as coupling products like relays and opto-couplers. Innovative connection systems from CONTA-CLIP are safe, maintenance-free and specially designed for continuous use. Our high-performance products are not harmed by strong vibration, high temperatures and high humidity levels.


Electrical engineering

CONTA-CLIP makes electronic system components for use inside and outside of the switchgear cabinet. Our product range offers you solutions: to process digital and analogue signals, to protect from surge voltages, and to secure and amplify signals. A common feature of all CONTA-CLIP products is their ease of installation and handling.  Their sturdy construction is resistant to electromagnetic interference, vibration-proof, temperature-independent and absolutely suited for industrial applications.

Machinery construction

Machinery construction is an export-oriented industry. An important quality criterion for the customer is the high availability of the machines – machines should be quickly up-and-running and low-maintenance in the long-term. CONTA-CLIP has established an excellent reputation in the machinery construction branch as a competent partner for standard and tailor-made solutions. CONTA-CLIP's connection systems are vibration-proof, low-maintenance and have long-term consistency for perfect contact results.

Traffic engineering

The demands placed on connection systems in traffic engineering and in transportation scenarios are enormous: heat, cold, vibration and shocks load the material to the extreme. We have many years of cooperation with companies in this industry so we know the requirements precisely. This expertise flows into the development of new components and ensures that we produce advanced and efficient products.