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The History from 1978 to today

40 years of CONTA-CLIP (1978 - 2018)

40 years of developing and supplying reliable and innovative components in the fields of electrical and electronic connectivity and cable management systems.

Founded in 1978 and beeing in family hands from the very beginning: The CONTA-CLIP Group has since then been an owner-managed, globally active medium-sized company.

For 4 decades now, users have been relying on our extensive market and industry expertise, which has grown over many years. For 4 decades, employees have relied on our partnership-based approach to each other, appreciating the freedom to act independently and the esteem in which they find themselves.

In the years of our company's existence, we have developed from manufacturer to innovator. We consequently use our knowledge, experience and personal passion to create individual, successful solutions for our customers.

CONTA-CLIP stands out for its healthy growth, not least due to its financial strength with consistent re-investment in the group of companies, stable management and dimensional accuracy. Our down-to-earth approach - a characteristic feature of East Westphalia, a region in northwestern Germany - has brought us a long way to go and will continue to determine our entrepreneurial actions in the future.

Our strength in innovation is on display in 2016 with the design and production of our many new products. Our consistent investment in new tooling and machine technologies is also an indicator of this innovative force.

In order to provide our customers and partners the highest level of satisfaction and benefits, we are presenting a new CONTA-CLIP product range.

The KDSClick cable entry system.

The customer benefits from the KDSClick system because it reduces installation times. KDSClick features IP66 protection and uses inlays to speed up configuration.

We also have the new PRK series of PushIn terminal blocks, with cross-sections ranging from 1.5 to 16 mm². This series is equipped with an actuator that can be pushed down to disconnect the wire from the terminal.

Our rate of trainees reached 10% in 2016, which is far above the national average. We enable young people to find a future career in six different trainee vocations.

The engine that drives us are our customers and consequently our products.

We document this on the basis of our rapidly growing product range: the new screw technology up to 120 mm², the plug-in tension spring connection program,
the steady expansion of the push-in technology, the new generation of stud terminals, the multifunctional I / O module of the GSM PRO-series: highlight in the field of electronics.

"CONTA-CLIP activity" is the slogan under which we are actively involved in the health and well-being of our employees. A variety of organized events on health and prevention should make our employees aware, that health is one of the most valuable assets we possess.

With the introduction of the new ERP system SAP in 2013, CONTA-CLIP secures it´s future, and sets the course for further company optimization.

Also in the year 2011 CONTA-CLIP shows environmental responsibility. A photovoltaic plant with a plant efficiency of 228,735 kWh is installed on the factory building roofs at the location Hövelhof. The electricity produced can be used in large parts within the company.

After an economically turbulent 2009, CONTA-CLIP enters enthusiastically in 2010 with our full team of workers intact. Our new line of screw-technology products is now being introduced on the market. We are moving forward with investments in our future in 2010 – such as modernized production facilities, ergonomic work stations and further training for our employees. In 2010 we are also concentrating on establishing new agencies abroad in order to increase our global outreach.
The move into the new logistics centre at the location Hövelhof was finalized successful.
Additional investments in modern manufacturing technologies were made.

As proof of their dedication to Hövelhof and commitment to the future, CONTA-CLIP is investing in buildings and modern manufacturing technology for its Hövelhof site.


Presentation of the new CONTA-CLIP fair concept at the most significant indusrial fair of the world in Hanover.
The question of company succession is resolved.
As a member of the executive board Mrs. Klaß re-enter the enterprise and takes a place in the strategic management
Presentation of complete series of the Pressure-Spring-Connection-System FRK of 1,5 mm² to 4 mm² on the Hanover Fair industry 2004
Presentation of the first Feed-Through terminals in the Pressure-Spring-Connection-System FRK system on the Hanover fair industry 2003
Acquisition of 15.000 m² land in order to enlarge the production and stockroom area at the location in Hövelhof.

The product spectrum includes more than 7,500 articles, that are mainly main at the headquarters in Hövelhof and are used all over the world. CONTA-CLIP has 270 employees. 40 domestic and foreign representatives, as well as 4 subsidiaries make sure that our products are present all over the world. Our products can be obtained on every continent.


Founding of a subsidiary in France


Founding of a subsidiary in the USA (CONTA-CLIP Inc.).
Founding of CONTA-CLIP Montagegesellschaft
First sales activities in South East Asia
Founding of subsidiaries in Italy (CONTA-CLIP s.r.l.) and the Netherlands (CONTA-CLIP Nederland B.V.).
Own production of electronic components
Start of sales in the USA
New construction of administration, production areas and distribution storage in Hövelhof, Germany.


Expansion of product spectrum to include series terminal types and the necessary accessories.
Expansion of existing production capacities.
The product series is exported for the first time.
Acquisition of a production hall in Hövelhof, Germany!Construction and production of a first series terminal type RK 2,5-4.
Founding of CONTA-CLIP Verbindungstechnik GmbH