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Holistic Solutions for the Industry

Our aim is to develop solutions for our customers that are technically sophisticated, economically sensible and offer absolute functional reliability.Here is an example from process control and automation: Processes need to be monitored continuously. The sequence of events must be reliably observed and documented. Irregularities are to be corrected in order to guarantee reliable performance. Put succinctly: the entire construction, technical design, administration and maintenance of the systems are decisive factors for process control. And you will find connection components from CONTA-CLIP in all of these fields of applications - all contributing to trouble-free processes.

We also take a holistic view of our services in the field of industrial automation: the success of application oriented solutions with regard to the connection technology deployed in a customer's individual machine or system depends a great deal on the quality of the co-operation between the customer and CONTA-CLIP. Our impressive programme of connection components for a wide variety of industrial applications forms the basis for this co-operation - including manual tools for processing cables, marker systems and supplementary accessories. Our products are utilised in very different segments of plant: in switchgear cabinets, redistribution applications, sub-distribution boards and switchboxes. We connect the signal level and the field level using products that are designed to fulfil your application requirements. What is more, our electrical components protect and monitor your hardware and software.

We manage these business units via three products ranges: the industrial electric connection technology CONTA-CLIP, the electric and electronic coupling level CONTA-ELECTRONICS and the printed board connection technology CONTA-CON.