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Flanschplatten KDSClick

Mit der Flanschplatte KDS möchten wir Ihnen einen Vorgeschmack auf die weitere Produktergänzung des Kabeldurchführungssystem KDSClick geben. Dieses neuartige Flanschplattensystem wird die Verdrahtung zwischen Schaltschrank und Maschine verändern. Ist Ihre Neugier geweckt? Dann besuchen Sie uns... Read on...



Cable entry system KDSClick

From inside out through the wall. With KDSClick. The system has a modular design, consisting of only three types of basic components: frames, inlays and sealing sleeves. Unlike conventional systems where the frame must be opened to insert the sealing sleeve and then screwed shut, CONTA-CLIP... Read on...




The PRK terminal blocks with Push-in wire connections have distinct advantages over other existing connection systems. Our CONTA-CLIP solution permits solid and stranded (with wire-end ferrules) wires to be inserted using minimal force and no tools. The PushIn spring ensures high contact force. The... Read on...



GSM-PRO2: the perfect communicator

CONTA-CLIP's GSM-PRO2 module provides a 2G/3G remote control and maintenance solution which allows you to monitor and control decentralized facilities. The GSM-PRO2 module informs you when your process has achieved a user-defined status or limit value. Digital and analogue inputs values can also be... Read on...



Thermal-transfer printer TTPCard

A system that fulfils a wide variety of marking and labelling requirements: The TTPCard thermal-transfer printer features excellent versatility, usability, speed and compact dimensions. The system has been designed for labelling facilities and electrical cabinets. It takes care of all your... Read on...

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