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IRC Interface Relays | Multifunction Timing Relays MFR-IRCP

IRC relay couplers and MFR-IRC timing relays embody a new strategy for 6.2 mm coupling relays. Our five different relay versions provide optimized use of space, simple installations, ease of use, and excellent functionality. They can be adapted for various application requirements because of the interchangeable mechanical relays and optocouplers (SSRs).

The basic version of the IRC is the well-known coupling relay that can be used
in all systems.

Similar to the basic version, the IRCP with the integrated SM-IRC fuse module option can be used in all systems. It is unique in the way it meets the
requirement that each coupling relay output must be protected by a replaceable 5x20 mm standard micro-fuse.

The IRCPI and IRCPO provide the advantage of an additional wire connection that can be crossconnected. All three wires of a sensor in a PLC input or all wires of an output-side power relay can be connected directly to the coupling relay.

The MFR-IRC is a time-function coupler component. It also features the innovative receptacle for holding additional 5x20 mm SM-IRC fuse modules. All five types of relays in the IRC relay system are available with our innovative push-in wire connection system or the established screw wire connection system.

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