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HSK/HSKG High-power stud terminals

Now, we are complete! 
CONTA-CLIP is extending its line of stud terminals with the new HSKG. We now offer a wider range of solutions for energy-transmission applications.

HSK/HSKG Features:

  • M5, M6, M8, M10, M12 and M16 studs 
  • Wire with cable lug, according to DIN 46234, up to 300 mm²
  • Maintenance-free, subsequent tightening of the nut is not required 
  • High contact strength and vibration resistant because of the safety/spring washer 
  • Direct contact with cable lugs, or contact via a copper busbar
  • 2- and 3-pole cross-connectors, designed for the rated current of the corresponding stud terminal
  • Secure mount to the TS35 DIN rail
  • Can be mounted directly (HSKG)

Here you will find the 3D-Animation of our High-power stud terminals 

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